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Lindenhurst Surgery Center Images
Lindenhurst Surgery Center Images

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Lindenhurst Surgery Center Images
Lindenhurst Surgery Center Images
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Lindenhurst Surgery Center Images
Lindenhurst Surgery Center Images
Notice of Patient Rights & Responsibilities

Lindenhurst Surgery Center Images We believe that patients who understand and participate in their treatment achieve better results.

This Information is meant to inform our patients of their rights and responsibilities while undergoing medical care.

To the extent permitted by law, patient rights may be delineated on behalf of the patient to his or her guardian, next of kin, or legally authorized responsible person if the patient:

Has been adjudicated incompetent in accordance by law
Medically incapable of understanding the treatment or procedure.
Is unable to communicate his or her wishes regarding treatment.

If there are any questions regarding the contents of this notice, please notify any staff member.

Patient Rights
Patient Responsibilities

Patient Rights

Access to Care
Lindenhurst Surgery Center Images You will be provided with impartial access to treatment and services within this practices capacity, availability, and applicable law and regulation. This is regardless of race, creed, sex, national origin, religion, disability/handicap, source of payment for care/services and any other legally prohibited reasons. You have the right to participate in the plan of care and pain management. You also have the right to choose the physicians or other clinicians who will be providing care or treatment, as well as have information about them.

Respect and Dignity
You have the right to receive care in a safe and dignified environment, free from all forms of abuse, neglect, harassment and/or exploitation. You have the right to reasonable responses to reasonable requests of service and to formulate advanced directives and have staff and/ or practitioners comply with those directives. You have the right to protection and respect of your rights if you are participating in a human research clinical trial.

Privacy and Confidentiality
You have the right, within the law, to personal and informational privacy.

This includes the right to:

  • Privacy regarding medical care
  • Receive a Notice of Privacy Practices
  • Request privacy protection
  • Access protected healthy information in a reasonable time frame
  • Amend protected health information
  • Request an accounting of disclosures of protected health information
  • Request and receive itemized detailed explanations of any billed services,regardless of the source of payment for care provided

Personal Safety
You have the right to expect reasonable safety concerning the center and environment, free from any forms of restraint or seclusion as a means of convenience, discipline, coercion or retaliation; the least restrictive restraint or seclusion should be used only when necessary to ensure patient safety.

You have the right to know the identity and professional status of any person providing services and which physician or other practitioner is primarily responsible for care.

Information and Communications
You have the right to obtain complete and current information concerning diagnosis (to the degree known),treatment, and any known prognosis. This information should be communicated in terms that you understand.If you do not speak or understand the predominant language of the community, you should have access to an interpreter.

You have the right to information that enables you, in collaboration with the physician, to make treatment decisions. Receiving information in easy-to-understand terms will allow for an informed consent or refusal of the treatment or procedure.
1.a.Consent discussions will include explanation of the condition, risks and benefits of treatment, as well as consequences of no treatment.
2.b.You will not be subjected to any procedure without providing voluntary,written consent.
3.c.You will be informed if the practice proposes to engage in research or experimental projects affecting its care or services. If it is your decision not to take part, you will continue to receive the most effective care the practice otherwise provides.

You have the right to accept or refuse medical care to the extent permitted by law. However, if refusing treatment prevents the practice from providing appropriate care in accordance with ethical and professional standards, your relationship with this practice may be terminated upon reasonable notice.

Visitors and Notifications
You have the right to have a family member or representative of your choice and your own physician notified promptly of your admission to the hospital (if applicable). You also have the right to consent to receive the visitors whom you designate, including but not limited to a spouse, a domestic partner (including a same sex domestic partner), another family member, or a friend. You may withdraw your consent to receive any visitor at any time. To the extent this center places limitations or restrictions on visitation; you have the right to set any preference of order or priority for your visitors to satisfy those limitations or restrictions. This center does not and will not restrict, limit, or otherwise deny visitation privileges on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion,sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, or disability. This center will ensure that the visitors chosen by you will be able to enjoy full and equal visitation privileges, consistent with your preferences.

Rules and Regulations
You will be informed of practice rules and regulations concerning your conduct as a patient at this facility. You are further entitled to information about the initiation, review, and resolution of patient complaints

Patient Responsibilities

  • Lindenhurst Surgery Center Images You are responsible to: Provide accurate and complete information concerning your present medical condition, past illnesses or hospitalization and any other matters concerning your health.
  • Tell your caregivers if you do not completely understand your plan of care and voice concerns regarding your plan of care including pain management.
  • Follow all medical center policies and procedures while being considerate of the rights of other patients, medical center employees and medical center properties.
  • Follow the caregivers instructions and recommendations of your physician and tell your care provider if you are concerned or not able to follow them.
  • Accept the consequences and understand the outcome if you choose not to follow the advice of your physician.
  • Tell your care provider if you have an unexpected change in condition, side effects from medication, your pain is not relieved, or you feel that your care is not going the way that you feel it should.
  • Adhere to the Centers policies and regulations, including the non-smoking policy.
  • Be respectful of other patients, employees and property.
  • Provide the Center with accurate information regarding payment and pay your portion in a timely manner.
  • Provide us with suggestions to ensure we meet your needs and expectations.

The nursing staff is committed to providing comfort for all patients. Please let your nurses know how we can effectively reduce or eliminate your pain or anxiety.

If you feel the need to express a grievance please review our Grievance Process.
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